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Reminders to keep in touch
with your close friends.

Personal relationships make life happier, healthier, and longer.

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I use it to regularly keep in touch and make sure I don’t lose track of someone. Recommending it to everyone.

— Antoine M.

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I love this app. It is really well designed. It remembers me to call my friends and family more often.

— Hannah G.

Reminder Interval

Fast setup. Easy to use.

  • No email, password or account. Add reminders with one tap.

  • Two taps to start a call or conversation in any communication app.

  • Works completely offline. Great when traveling.

  • Snooze or change reminders with three taps.

Isn't remembering myself enough?

  • We use notes to not forget important things. What about people?

  • Changing activities, work, cities? You lose touch.

  • Social networks, media and more fight for your time. What reminds you to keep in touch?

Birthday Reminders

Important birthdays only.

  • Too many birthdays in your social media or calendar?

  • Edit contacts without birthdays instead of forgetting to congratulate.

  • See birthdays in advance. Prepare a memorable gift or send a card.

Mindful relationships. Better life.

  • Consciously choose the people you keep in touch with.

  • Embrace good instead of many relationships.

  • Reflect after being in touch. Relationships change. Your reminders too.

Mindful relationships

Contacts stay on the phone.

  • Big companies get hacked. No servers make it impossible.

  • Keep track without selling your contacts data.

  • Just reminders for personal relationships. No privacy invasion.

Amicu is ideal to:

Become more

Not lose track
of anyone.

people abroad.

Be mindful
with people.

No account needed. Start to keep in touch.

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Questions? Look here or ask me.

1. Is this a social network or messaging app?
No. It's just reminders that notify you to reach out to the people you care about from time to time.

2. Do I need to invite or add friends?
No. You can use your device contacts if you want. This will not invite or notify them. Of course, you can share the app with your friends.

3. Is it free?
It's free to use. Running an app costs money every month. To cover costs there's a premium subscription. I prefer this way over selling data or showing advertisements. If you're a student or coming from a less privileged country write me a mail.

4. Who made this?
I'm Kai Oelfke. You can follow me on Twitter or write me an email.

5. Why did you make this?
I met many people while living and studying abroad, volunteering in two big alumni organizations, traveling to more than 60 countries and hosting a few hundred people on Couchsurfing. I'm also this type of person that gets focused on one big thing and forgets to eat, drink and reach out to friends in the mean time. So I made this for myself and others. I hope you find it as useful as me and if not feel free tell me why.

More features

Privacy Policy


Hello! I like that you check out the privacy policy before trying a product.

I use Amicu myself and I don't want others to see my contacts or other private data.

That's why Amicu is designed with a focus on privacy.

Your personal data is stored only on your device and on iCloud, if you use iCloud backups.

You can always ask me, if you have questions.

Collection of personal data

You can use Amicu without providing any personal information. You can optionally provide access to your device contacts. Alternatively you can just enter names manually.

Personal data from your device contacts may include:

  • Name

  • E-Mail and Phone

  • Contact Images

  • Other contact data fields

Amicu only displays this contact data to the user to implement the product features in the app. The information is not send to any servers and stays on the device.

Nothing is stored or processed outside of your device and optionally your iCloud account.

External services used by Amicu

RevenueCat for managing App Store Subscriptions

The Amicu Premium subscription uses RevenueCat. The service assigns users an anonymous ID ($RCAnonymousID:0fefab70...) solely for managing in app subscriptions. It is not associated with any personal information as the payment info stays in the Apple App Store and is not visible for developers.

You can choose to share the ID, if you need subscription related customer support. After closing the ticket any shared data will be deleted.

RevenueCat Privacy Policy

Mailchimp for the newsletter (optional)

If the user subscribes to the Amicu newsletter the email address is uploaded to Mailchimp. The shared email address will be only used for email communication about Amicu.

You can unsubscribe anytime.

Mailchimp Privacy Policy

Zoho for email hosting (optional)

If the user is sending or receiving emails to the email is processed by Zoho.

Zoho Privacy Policy

Airtable for support tickets (optional)

If the user sends a support ticket from within the app the email address (optional) and text is uploaded to Airtable.

Airtable Privacy Policy for this website

This website is created and hosted with (referral link). Privacy Policy

SimpleAnalytics for this website

This website is analyzed with SimpleAnalytics (referral link). It's a privacy-friendly, cookie-free and GDPR compliant tool.

This helps to see from where people come to this website and how many visitors it gets. It's completely anonymous.

SimpleAnalytics Privacy Policy

iCloud Backups (optional)

If the user is using iCloud Backups, the data is also saved on iCloud.

Apple Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Non legally binding Summary

The terms and conditions of the Apple App Store for your country apply.

The Amicu software including the premium subscription is provided without warranty of any kind. Amicu is not liable for any claim or damage or other liability.


Amicu's software, apps, website and any of its other properties are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, epxress or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors, owners or copyright holders be lieable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with Amicu's software, apps, website and any of its other properties or the use or other dealings in Amicu's software, apps, website and any of its other properties.

Resources used by Amicu

Illustrations by Undraw

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